Politics of the United Kingdom

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Politics of the United Kingdom
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The United Kingdom has some of the most complicated politics in the World. This is mainly because the British are so good at having loud, racist, drunken rants on trains or on buses that receive odd looks from passengers nearby. There are many recognised power groups in the UK. The main power group is the Constitutional Monarchy governing over a democratic oligarchy known as the Government of the United Kingdom. This has the most public support however other power groups include the IRA which as a large support in Northern Ireland, the official Government of Sealand, the trade unions which certainly do not have Ed Miliband's support and the Church of England.

Political Views of the UK

Lower Middle Class Liberal

These people usually have the views of atheists or agnostics and are liberal and centrist. They lightly support the Green Party or the Liberal Democrats and pretend that they are Church of England to everyone else.

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