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Final Fantasy VII
Developer(s) Squaresoft
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Release date 1997
Genre RPG
Platform(s) PlayStation
Port Windows (1998)
Rating T
Would Elton John play it? Yes

Final Fantasy VII was an RPG released by Squaresoft for the Sony PlayStation in 1997. Following a "break-up" with Nintendo as Squaresoft refused to release any of their RPGs on the Nintendo 64, the game was an immediate critical and commercial success, thanks to its impeccable presentation and cinematic storytelling. It even gave rise to an animated movie sequel Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, and numerous other spin-offs that I won't bother to tell you about. Now, if a game does so well just because it resembles a movie, what better way to tell its story than an actual movie screenplay? So sit back, and get ready for Final Fantasy VII: The Movie!

edit Opening scene

The opening credits roll on as we see a woman wandering a drab, dreary-looking Steampunk city. The camera then shifts to an equally drab railway station, where some security guards are on patrol. A train stops at the station. But as soon as the doors open, a gang of polygonal, weirdly-proportioned but cute-looking individuals attack the security guards and beat the crap out of them. One blond dude with a large sword then jumps out of the roof of the train.

Burly Black Guy- Blond dude Newcomer, follow me. (Blond dude follows him, only to get attacked by a couple soldiers)
Blond Dude- Damn it, soldiers! Guess I'll have to switch to Battle Mode to fight them. (the screen suddenly blurs, and we witness an exciting menu-based battle. In a few seconds, Blond Dude defeats the soldiers by simply selecting the "Fight" option twice. The soldiers turn red and disappear, instead of dropping dead like any normal dead guy would)

(Blond dude then goes to meet up with other members of the gang)

Gang Member- Oh, you're an Ex-SOLDIER right?
Another Gang Member- Wait, he's a SOLDIER?
Gang Member- No, an Ex-SOLDIER! He doesn't work for the bad guys anymore.
Another Gang Member- Oh, I didn't know that despite the fact that we took him on board the train with us.
Gang Member- Didn't catch your name for some reason.... (Scene shifts to a menu where Blond Dude's name is already typed in. He picks the select option and says-)
Cloud Strife- Cloud Strife.
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