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  • "Um...what I meant seem like a great person..." you begin, "And, well, you'll be the first person I'll want to see tomorrow before we both go out risking our lives. That's why I want you to wake me up, you know, so that we can see each other for at least one last time before going out on this dangerous expedition."

Amanda's expression becomes mellow. She smiles warmly at you.

  • "Look, you seem like a really nice woman," you continue "And I swear to you that I will not let you down. National security wasn't the only reason I accepted your offer, you know."

She seems very moved by your words. "Come here," she tells you.

  • approach Amanda

She then gives you nice, warm hug. You look into her eyes as she pulls away. She hesitates, then kisses you....on the lips this time. Though soft as a whisker at first, the kiss grow deeper and more passionate, your tongues touch each other, and-

  • Okay, I see where this is going. Can we get to the good stuff now, please?

Way to ruin a romantic scene, kiddo. Anywho, let's "skip to the good stuff". You're passionately making out on Amanda's bed, it's squeaking and creaking like hell, you're both screaming "Oh, oh!", and then you have an orgasm and you fall asleep after looking at her naked body. Happy?

  • Yes. Very happy.

Yay. Anyway, the next morning, you wake up, and notice that Amanda's still sleeping soundly beside you. Would you like to-

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