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Sorry, but Harry Flynn is dead. He blew himself up in Uncharted 2, remember?

  • dude, come on

All right, all right. You follow Henry Flynn deeper into the underground caverns. As you go deeper inside, the paintings on the wall begin to change. Suddenly, you begin to see the letters L.A.P.D and A.C.T.I.O.N on the walls instead of the weird symbols that were present earlier.

Suddenly, Henry stops in front of a nondescript wall, and a laser beam hits his eye.

  • oh n0es!

What a pussy! That laser's actually part of a retina scan, dumbass! Anyways, a secret door opens, and out comes Amanda Steele!

  • Wait, is she the super-sexy ACTION Cop that kicks thousands of butts each week?

Yep, that's the one! And she's in her ACTION issued uniform too!

  • Mmmm.....hey, wait a minute

That's right! Because she's in her uniform, you all get ambushed by Ningrues!

  • Huh?

Ningrues! They're a cross between Ninjas and Grues.

  • You have got to be-

Look out! A Ningrue jumps up to attack you!

  • dodge

You successfully dodge the Ningrue and take cover......oh wait, there is no cover.

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