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You tell Amanda that you don't know where the hippy lives. Her face immediately turns suspicious.

"It's okay, buddy. No need to be afraid of the guy." says Harry.

"Forget it, guys. He's telling the truth." says the doctor.

"What?" Amanda says, turning back to the doctor.

"Yeah, he is. Look at his face, no signs of deception anywhere."

  • Phew! Thank god the doctor knows how to read faces!

Yeah. Lucky for you, kid. Amanda once again smiles at you and says. "It's okay. We shouldn't have expected him to tell you his real address anyways. Now, about working for us from now on?"

  • say yes.

"Okay, then! We believe you have a map that leads us to the diamond. Show it to us."

  • Take out map

You take out the map

  • Give Amanda the map

You give Amanda Steele the map. She opens and examines it. "Hmm..." she says. "The road leading to the diamond is not too far from our secret entry point in the hills. We're in luck." she looks up at you, and smiles.

  • Ahh...

And then, she walks up to you and kisses you...on the forehead. "I'll go check on you tomorrow," she tells you, "Hopefully, if you're fully recovered, you could lead our search team."

  • Sure thing, Amanda

"Well, he really isn't in such a bad condition." says the doctor, "I could discharge him right away, you know."

"You could, but we'd still need to do some prep work before we can begin. Anyway, it's been a long day for him. I'll just go check if we can arrange a room." Amanda replies, and then leaves.

  • Ogle at Amanda's ass

You ogle at Amanda's ass as she walks away. So does everyone else in the room, for that matter.

A few minutes later, she returns. "You're in luck, Nathan." she says, "We do have an empty bunker you can stay in. It's right next to the one for the commander of tomorrow's expedition will be staying."

  • You mean it's next to your room?

"Of course I mean that! Now come on, follow me."

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