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You chicken out and run behind Amanda. Unfortunately, she mistakes you for a Ningrue, and kicks you in the head. You lose consciousness.

You then wake up in what seems to be an uber-cool headquarters-cum-training facility you though only existed in action films. You realize you're in some sort of hospital bed.

The doors to the hospital open, and you see Henry, Amanda, and a doctor walking in.

  • Oh, no! Amanda's still in her ACTION uniform!

Relax, kiddo. This area's perfectly secure. Nobody has a chance of attacking you here.

  • Well, in that case.....

Alright, slow down kid. Anyways, Amanda rushes towards you and says "Oh, Nate! I'm so sorry I kicked you in the head! I thought you were a Ningrue!"

  • It's okay.

"Thank you for forgiving me, Nate." she replies. "Now, don't you want to know what's going on here?"

  • sure I do

Well, me and Henry are part of an elite ACTION team that's searching for the Diamond of the Unknown.

  • Diamond of the Unknown? Wait, but-

"Yeah, we know." says Henry Flynn, walking towards you. "You promised a hippy that you'd find it for him. I told her everything."

"However," continues Amanda "We think the hippy could be a threat to our operation, and maybe even to national security. In fact, I want you to tell me where he is so we can arrest him."

Well, here's an interesting twist. What are you gonna say?

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