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DISCLAIMER: This is a fan-made text-adventure, which has ripped off the "Uncharted" title just for some cheap publicity. Under no circumstances is it to be considered an official installment of the series. (Please don't sue me, Naughty Dog! This game's free!) Okay, then? Cool, let's begin.

Uncharted logo

Welcome to Uncharted: The Text Adventure! In this cheap rip-off of the superhit PS3 franchise, you play as adventurer Nathan "Nate" Drake, as he attempts to track down the legendary Diamond of the Unknown which, as you might have guessed, is a Diamond which leads you into the realm of the Unknown. Ready? So, let's begin!

The story begins with Nathan Drake (you) sitting in some bar. A hippy takes a seat next to you, and orders a drink. He then looks at you, and his eyes widen in shock and amazement.

"Great scotts! You're Nathan Drake!" he exclaims, and you're shocked to hear him speak so eloquently (he is a hippy, after all).

His expression then becomes pleading "Oh Nate! I'm broke. I've lost the mortgage on my house, my car's broken down, and that's why I bought a drink to fix myself up. I've heard you're a great explorer and a highly skilled treasure-hunter. Will you help me?"

  • say yes

"Thank you so much, Nathan! You see, I've spent the last 4 years of my life searching for something.". He takes out an envelope from his pocket and puts it on the table. "You want to know what it is?"

  • open envelope

You see a drawing of a diamond on it. "A diamond? That's it?" you ask the hippy.

"Not just any old diamond, son. This is the Diamond of the Unknown."
"The Diamond of the Unknown? What's so special about it?"
"I'm not sure. But I assume it's some diamond that will take me to an unknown realm."
"And what do you wish to do with this diamond?"
"When I get my hands on it, I shall venture into the assumed unknown realm, and become rich!"
"Sounds good enough to me. What do you want me to do?"
"Find the diamond, you dummy!"
"No, I mean how?"
"Oh, well here's a treasure map I got from a fellow hippy who also knew about the treasure."
"Well, why didn't the fellow hippy go after it himself?"
"He concluded it was too dangerous. He even tried to dissuade me!"
"Ah, ruddy cowards. Okay, I'll be off then!"

Wait, why didn't Nate ask for a reward, you say? Because unlike the "official" Nathan Drake, this game's Nathan Drake is a noble soul whose only purpose is to help people, not make a fortune collecting invaluable treasures!

You take a look at the map, and see that the trail begins from the forest of Glen. Wait. Isn't that the very forest the bar was in? What an unbelievable stroke of luck! Let's get going!

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