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This little shrimp likes modding templates...
And that's why he modded this one. Congratulations, you found text!
Nephrops norvegicus
Scientific classification
Kingdom Animalia
Phylum Phyll of crap
Class Mage
Order Execute all living things above water level.
Family Wife and fifteen thousand children.
Genus Genocidal
Species Shrimp
Binomial name
Nephrops norvegicus
Primary armament Water strike
Secondary armament Ice blast
Power supply Seafood
Health Invincible
Mana Unlimited
Strength Overpowered
Intelligence Underpowered
Weight 1800 Kg
Length 32 meters
Special attack Airophobia
Conservation status
4 degrees celsius. Preferably in the refridgerator.

Hola señors y señoritas. My name is Schampi, because I'm a friggin' scampi. Well, actually, I'm a scampo as scampi is just the plural form of scampo. Anyhow, scampo is the italian name for the Norway lobster, which, according to American rules, makes me a communist... But, since I'm not American, I can screw the rules and just say the truth: I'm not a communist. So now that we have that all sorted out (or mixed up) we may continue our tour in the hall of mighty shrimp.

edit Or not...

I ran out of things to write...

edit Do as the Lord commands!

Darth Vader Recruitment

What are you waiting for? Do as the Lord commands!

The Galactic Empire wants you. Just ask Vader! But that doesn't have anything to do with anything. I just kinda liked that image...

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