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Video Game Wars


In Development

<glen_quagmire> i love

<glen_quagmire> it's so funny

<Codeine> yes

<Codeine> it is

<paulgbx> the thing with the new html standards is, the tags are all the same as far as I see it

<savethemooses> why thank you

<savethemooses> go to the article iPod yocto while

<savethemooses> you're at it

<Splarka> i maed hte lulz

*Flammable hits STM with infatable waterfowl for shameless self-promotion.*

<Flammable> inflatable, even

<Codeine> hey, if I want to update an image..

<Splarka> well, fuck em for making html not backwards compatable, font is damn *standard*

<Codeine> can I just upload one with the same filename over the previous one?

<Splarka> cody: just overwrite it

<Codeine> or do I have to delete the other one first

*savethemooses shoots flammable with a crossbow*

<Splarka> you can revert it to a previous version if it fails

<paulgbx> i dont understand why we need all the tags since everything can be done with tables and spans and divs anyway

<Splarka> don't delete it though

<Codeine> mmm'kay

<Flammable> Goddamnit! I thought we had a non-pointy object rule for emotes!

<paulgbx> but everything will be backwards compatible, some things are just prefered

<Splarka> I don't understand why we need all these spans when everything could be done before with the tags!

<savethemooses> ironically, the arrow was on fire

<Flammable> That bolt was clearly pointy,!

<Splarka> what the hell is the point of changing everything all the time, bah, something will come along and replace span anyhow

*savethemooses slaps Codeine around a bit with a large trout*

<Splarka> like <flibblemcgibbitsmindreadingtag>

*savethemooses slaps Euniana around a bit with a large trout*

*savethemooses slaps Flammable around a bit with a large trout*

*savethemooses slaps glen_quagmire around a bit with a large trout*

*savethemooses slaps MooingLemur around a bit with a large trout*

<glen_quagmire> why?

<glen_quagmire> why dear?

<glen_quagmire> isn't this annoying?

<Codeine> yay it worked

<Codeine> isn't *what* annoying glen?

<glen_quagmire> i had some random guy messaging me like, "why? why dear?"

<glen_quagmire> it was so annyoing

<glen_quagmire> why?

<savethemooses> I'll block him

<glen_quagmire> why dear?


While the original causes of the IRC Wars are unclear, historians believe this to be the first of the many skirmishes of the IRC Wars.

*paulgbx has quit IRC ("snakes off"�)*

*Codeine flicks kidney beans at savethemooses*

*glen_quagmire is known as savethemooses*

*glen_quagmire has quit( bye );*

<glen_quagmire> i'm here

<glen_quagmire> yay

*savethemooses stabs Codeine in the kidney with a steak knife*

*Flammable hits stm with a giant squeaky hammer.*

<glen_quagmire> girls in east coast say hola

<glen_quagmire> a/s/l plz everyone

<Flammable> ...

*savethemooses pokes out Flammable's eyes with a very tiny trident*

<Codeine> what *are* you up to

<Codeine> jesus man

*Codeine throws a dialysis machine at savethemooses*

<Flammable> No! not an Eyedent!

*savethemooses blocks the dialysis machine and examines Codeine's rectal polyps thouroughly*

*Flammable tries to suffocate stm with Trident-brand Chewing gum.*

<savethemooses> (with a mace)

*Codeine expels projectile diarrhea at stm*

*savethemooses takes a chainsaw to Flammable's spinal cord*

<Codeine> that'll learn ya

*savethemooses osmoses the diarrhea and uses it to gain +9832 muscle mass*

*savethemooses pwns Codeine*

<Codeine> ewwww

*Flammable takes stm's spinal cord and strangles him.*

<Flammable> with a chainsaw.

<savethemooses> hahahaha

<savethemooses> I mean...

*savethemooses inhales Flammable's skull with a crazy straw*

<Flammable> Oddly enough, I'm studying the Centrl nervous system right now.

*savethemooses gives Flammable an F and suggests trade school*

*Flammable lyophilizes Stm's brain and snorts it through a dollar bill.*

*Codeine dresses stm in drag and dumps him in a bar in rural Georgia*

<Flammable> oofah.

*savethemooses recruits a gang of angry Georgia farmers together and directs them to impale Codine repeatedly with their pitchforks*

*savethemooses takes a potion and regains all HP*

<Flammable> ...

*savethemooses strangles Flammable with his own ellipsis*

*Codeine uses his Armour of Repelling Hicks*

*savethemooses uses his Armour Armor*

*Flammable calls upon power of PONS!*

*Flammable has his normal breathing restored.*

*savethemooses punctures Flammable's lungs with a Hello Kitty pen*

*Codeine rolls a 20*

*Spintherism has joined #uncyclopedia*

<Codeine> critical hit, motherfucker

*Flammable gets Chron's much larger Hello Kitty Pen and jams it into stm's forehead..*

<Codeine> you take 30HP damage

<savethemooses> help spin!

<savethemooses> I'm being double-teamed!

*savethemooses takes a mega self-replenishing potion*

*Codeine wonders how many people are vandalising Uncyc whilst we're all playing silly buggers on IRC*

<Spintherism> Uh...

*savethemooses gains 29320 HP*

<Splarka> howdy spin

<Spintherism> I'm fresh out of extra replinishment potions

<Splarka> don't mind the insane freaky mc deekgeeks

*Codeine throws Splarka into his portable hole*

*savethemooses drops a fat person on top of Splarka from a helicopter 230 miles up*

<Spintherism> I'm in some sort of sleep and food deprived zombie mode, so I'll mind everything an equally large amount

*savethemooses removes Spin's head and destroys the brain*

<savethemooses> (cuz he's a zombie)

<Spintherism> ouch

<Spintherism> That's not going to make much of a difference

<Spintherism> I think with my spleen

<Spintherism> all the cool kids are doing it these days

<Spintherism> get with the program

<Flammable> time to go microwave some jambalaya

*savethemooses stabs Spin in the spleen with a Hello Kitty pen*

<Spintherism> Your internet words do not phase me!

*savethemooses phases Spin*

<Spintherism> Shit

<Spintherism> I've been phased

*savethemooses does a jug*

<savethemooses> OOOOOPS

*savethemooses does a jig*

<Codeine> Hey, where did my jug of sex change potion go?

<savethemooses> oh noes!

*Codeine watches stm with interest*

<Codeine> hey baby

<Codeine> nice antlers

<savethemooses> moooooo

<savethemooses> ,ll

*savethemooses runs away*


stm_away declares victory !

*savethemooses is now known as stm_away*

<Codeine> phew

<Spintherism> At the tone, pacific standard time will be...

<Splarka> "I used to think the brain was the most fascinating part of the body. Then I thought, 'Look what's telling me that.'"

<stm_away> this battle is not over!!!

*stm_away blasts off in a rocket ship*

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