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<Cwir> ok I am going next IRC

<Cwir> pa pa

<MoneySign> Pa pa to you too.

  • Cwir has quit IRC (Remote closed the connection#)

<Savethemooses> I miss Cwir already

<MoneySign> Yeah...

<MoneySign> Hey, remember that time he asked if we having good day?

<Savethemooses> oh, man

<Savethemooses> do I ever

<Savethemooses> he would always ask that

<MoneySign> Haha, yeah...

<MoneySign> Good ol' Cwir...

<Savethemooses> yep

<Savethemooses> quite a pal

<MoneySign> I think I'll give him a ring later on.

<Savethemooses> yeah

<MoneySign> See how he's doing.

<Savethemooses> that would be nice

<MoneySign> Maybe we can all get together again...

<MoneySign> For old times sake.

<Savethemooses> have a picnic

<Savethemooses> just like old times

<Savethemooses> I'm sure Cwir will bring the mustard!!!

<Savethemooses> hahaha

<MoneySign> Yeah... And then we'd all go "pa pa"...

<Savethemooses> we would always go "pa pa"!

<Savethemooses> it was tradition

<wolf> MoneySign: Maybe so

<MoneySign> Haha... Yeah...

<wolf> but I still want to do it.

<MoneySign> Good ol' Cwir and his silly antics...

<MoneySign> That's good, wolf.

<MoneySign> Life without ambitions is no life at all, if you ask me.

<Savethemooses> wolf, can't you see we're recalling good times gone by?

<MoneySign> Hey, wolf, you remember Cwir, don't you?

<wolf> Savethemooses: No

<wolf> cwir?

<wolf> no

<wolf> who?

<MoneySign> The Polish guy?

<MoneySign> With the funny accent?

<wolf> no

<MoneySign> Oh, come on... You remember him..

<MoneySign> Don't be so daft.

<wolf> no recollection whatsoever

<MoneySign> Haha! Yeah...

<MoneySign> Ring a bell, wolf?

<Savethemooses> C'mon wolf, you know cwir

<Savethemooses> one time he performed a whole liontaming act while completely plastered

<wolf> nope

<Savethemooses> the whole circus went crazy!

<MoneySign> Haha, yeah!

<MoneySign> Wolf, now you're just being crazy.

<wolf> what are you guys smoking?

<MoneySign> See, you remember him!!

<MoneySign> Cwir asked that too!

<wolf> I want about 20 tons of it to sell on the street to local kids.

<Savethemooses> Cwir always bought drugs from us

<Savethemooses> good ol' cwir

<MoneySign> Paid for my house, he did.

<wolf> right-o

<MoneySign> Cwir "Pa pa" Polinski.

<MoneySign> Good man.

<Savethemooses> yeah...

<Savethemooses> whatever happened to him?

<MoneySign> Got deported, didn't he?

<wolf> oh, him.

<wolf> that's right

<Savethemooses> that's right..

<wolf> the one that farmed dirt for a profit

<Savethemooses> well, dirt was the street name

<MoneySign> Yeah... Technically, it was mud.

<MoneySign> But you couldn't say that in public.

<Savethemooses> Oh, no

<wolf> what happened to that cat?

<Savethemooses> he got deported

<MoneySign> Got deported...

<MoneySign> Yeah...

<Savethemooses> INS didn't like the mud growing

<wolf> really?

<wolf> where to?

<Savethemooses> yep

<MoneySign> Poor man... Too good for this world.

<MoneySign> Back to Poland, I think.

<Savethemooses> yeah. ahead of his time

<Savethemooses> right back to poland

<wolf> I take it that it is an internetless wasteland/hellhole

<Savethemooses> all of the above

<MoneySign> Lucky Poland, though, I say.

<wolf> I mean, he'd never go this long without dropping by to tell us about his amazing adventures.

<Savethemooses> Poland's a better place now

<MoneySign> Haha! Like that time he said "Hi"... Remember that, wolf?

<Savethemooses> oh god

<Savethemooses> that was great

<wolf> yeah, that was a riot

<MoneySign> Your reaction was priceless, Savethemooses.

<Savethemooses> I know!!!

<Savethemooses> I almost shot chowder out of my nose

<MoneySign> And he actually believed you for a good while!

<MoneySign> Hahaha! Yeah! I could see you almost cracking up!

<Savethemooses> he'd always say hi while I was eating chowder

<MoneySign> Made me turn around.

<MoneySign> Ah, good ol' Cwir...

<MoneySign> We miss you so.

<Savethemooses> Yes, yes

<Savethemooses> Maybe we'll see ya again, pal

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