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edit Snark

What is snark? How does one go about in being snarky? What happens if one loses one's snark? All will be answered, if you're patient enough to keep reading.

edit What is Snark?

Snark is a derivitave of sarcasm, but is much more usefull than just for being mean and making people feel bad. Snark can be used to make other people realize just how damn smart YOU are, and then make them feel even worse. You can use snark for many things, in fact, and this list is but a small example:

  • To make other people feel stupid
  • To make other people feel sad
  • To make yourself feel smarter
  • To just be mean
  • For plain fun

There are no exact levels of snark usery, but if you are just starting to master sarcasm and wish to take on snark, start with making people feel bad. That's always easy. And if it's not easy, you can always pick on an emo kid.

edit What apparantly is also "snark"

According to one such named User:thekillerfroggy, there is a noun "snark" which is a cross between a snake and a shark. But that is an imaginary animal, and can therefore be nuked. If you do see a snark, I have no idea what you do. (Frog person, you can fix this now.)

edit How to snark

Snarking is a complicated use of any language to generally make other people feel bad. It is a step above sarcasm, and infinatly better than how cheerleaders make fun of ugos and the like by pretending to be nice. Like how Chuck Norris is infinatly better than anybody else ever. But I digress.

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