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A guy that isn't really an editor but knows the wives of people that edit. Who knows, he might be useful if your actual editor is killed by grues and he's the only guy around.

edit Current Projects:

The Octopope


edit The Octopope

His Tentacleness The Octopope is the titular head of the Church of the Octopope, a prominent religion in the city of Malton, England.

edit History

Little is known of the origins of the Octopope. It is believed by some that he originated as a simple octopus off the coast of England, and somehow gained the ability to crawl on to land. This ability is assumed to have come about after the ingestion of radioactive slime and/or something that had ingested radioactive slime. However, most members of the Church of the Octopope believe that the Octopope came into existence a few months to a few years after the creation of the online game Urban Dead, simply by willing himself into a state of life. Mentioning the obvious contradiction here to Octopopans is generally met with mild hostility.

edit Current Affairs

Shortly after the zombie infestation of Malton, the Octopope dispatched the Legion of the Octopope as a peacekeeping effort and to bring faith to the hearts of the besieged. Shortly after entering the city, the bulk of the Legion was destroyed when it carelessly stumbled upon a massive zombie horde. The survivors, mainly those who had lingered behind the rest of the force, decided to ditch their armor and began a massive search and acquire campaign to strengthen their forces before attempting another confrontation with the dead. When news of the OctoLegion's near destruction reached the Octopope, the papal cephalopod is thought by many top Octotheologians to have become slightly annoyed, waving one, perhaps two tentacles in a "show of anger and emotion not seen in an age."

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