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“You too, U2?”
~ Oscar Wilde on Irish Punk

Irish punk has recently made a comeback as the most popular music form of the time. At the head of this new Irish revolution are the former IRA generals, McFlannigan's Rapists. McFlannigan's Rapists have had a string of hits on pop charts around the world, including "We Are The Rapists", "We Will Rape You", "Bohemian Rapesody", "All Along The Rapetower","Purple Rape", "Voodoo Rape (Slight Return)", "The Wind Cries 'RAPE!'", "Whole Lotta Rape", "Heartraper", "Raped And Confused", "Communications Rapedown", "Babe I'm Gonna Rape You", "Can't Stop Rapin' You", "Sweet Child Rapist O' Mine", "You Really Raped Me", "(Rape) All Day And All Of The Night", "Rape Oddity", "Sultans Of Rape", "King Of Rape", and "Tiny Dancer". McFlannigan's Rapists have taken the world by storm and have delivered a resounding "Fuck off!" to censors and policemen. After raping them. They recently raped all of Iceland as part of their promotional tour. The bands members include a synthesizer player, 5 guitarists, and someone saying "Cool", "Alright", and "Killtacular!" in the background. Their pastimes include raping, PEMPing, worshipping the dark god of Irish Punk Mcflannigan, and being really cool. Their lead singer is possessed by Mcflannigan, causing him to bleed barbecue sauce and scream a lot. They recently fought Flogging Molly in a cage match to the death, winning after Bad Touska used his patented GRUUG move, stabbing their own lead singer and spraying the other band directl in the eyes and mouth with the most fucking intense barbecue sauce in the world.

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