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“I know a Bakugan that lives at Toys Я Us
~ wilde on Bakugan
Bakugan - ナルト -
Sexual Fantasy
The Hyuga Clan of the Leaf
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Bakugan Battle Brawlers (爆丸バトルブローラーズ "woóf wöof"), was a Japanese action adventure anime television series produced by TMS Entertainment but now Nelvana got it dubbed
. The series live on the lives of creatures called Bakugan and would have sucked without them. Consisting of fifty-one episodes, half fillers., consisting of 52 episodes compared with the Japanese 51 coz the Japanese couldn't add just one filler to compete with the North Americans

Pyrusactually its 'fire' style: Byakugan!

edit Plot

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edit Characters

List of characters from the series Bakugan. Can't list because its densely over populated compared to the size of the series' world so its not a priority to do so.

edit Dan

The wannabe number one Bakugan battler who got a job for saying a couple of sentences before the theme song ("my whole world changed one day when all these random..." yap...yap), and singing the intro; and got famous. The over confident little twerp who's guardian is Pyrus Dragonoid who likes practicing throwing his Bakugan into the field without opening it, from a bridge to the river

edit Runo

Runo is the same age as Dan and lives in the same city as Dan and has the same hatred of Masquerade as Dan she also has an extreme crush on Dan, which is why she is jealous of Julie. Real Show off. Lesbian according to Wikipedia, still a rumor. Her guardian is Haos Trigrera who is a proven homo, since she is a boy in the japanese version and he is girl in the english dub. Compared to Dan; even worse wannabe and sore loser.

edit Marucho

This one is the abandoned son of Choji Aburame[from Naruto] but unusually skinny and he is not from the Aburame clan, but from the TheFreakingRichAnime clan. He is a short guy who seems to just ignore girls and have no sense of puberty is also seen hugging and crying for his attribute changing Guardian Preyas(which is a guy, well maybe) who has been once been sent to the Doom Dimension and exposed to negative energy and for one battle became an even creepier (and evil) version of himself and proved that things can come back from when they go to the doom dimension.

edit Julie

Zoom in and you can see that she is a major case of underage boobs, and because she wears clothes too mature for her age they seem quite noticeable. Also Julie is the only member of the brawlers who has an opposite sex Bakugan, Subterra Gorem who gets kissed often and likes it. She dumped Dan when her former crush when Billy was revealed, she is his childhood bitch.

edit Shun

This one is the emo guy of the team(all anime have one; Sasuke, Ichigo, Vagetta), Shun is also Dan's ultimate rival(even though Dan prefers him rather than that creep Masquerade. He has really long hair and styled it like a girl would. He is also super rich, if you notice the incredibly, impossibly large size of the mansion he lives in!. Its a myth that his grandfather is a ninja and isn't that good of a Bakugan battler obviously because he doesnt own a Bakugan. His guardian Bakugan is Ventus Skyress

edit Alice

Alice is a Masqurade in diguise from Vestrioa girl from Moscow, Russia She is afraid of going to Bakugan valley and searching for Bakugan or to much of a cheap miser to buy it from someone else; or maybe she's just scared of playing Bakugan. She is the granddaughter of the ugly creep Hal-G. She has no guardian Bakugan, so she is left without a Bakugan but the Brawlers still keep her because she is kinda' good at helping the rest of the Brawlers.

edit Bakugan

If humans can get their names listed on Uncyclopedia, so can Bakugan

edit Pyrus Dragonoid


Drago gets silver colored parts after evolving

This is the first Bakugan to appear in the show. He is fully red in color in the beginning of the series but gets a slight silver shade on parts of his body later on(when he turns into Pyrus Delta Dragonoid. He pretends he has affection for Wavern because he wants to trick her into giving him the Infinity Core, although really the part if he likes Wavern or not is unconfirmed but what is conformed is that all he cares of is stealing the infinity core and becoming Pyrus Infinity Dragonoid; ending the series; claiming all the profits and getting started with New Vestrioa(the second part)

edit Haos Tigrerra

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