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edit SUPERcommunist Pennywise the Krazy Klown

A long, long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, some random shit was going on and lots of people were dying. Although that has nothing to with our story, it added the needed dramatic affect to get us started. The admin SUPERcommunist Pennywise the Krazy Klown was brought into this crazy galaxy only to find a planet filled with insane, monstrous, creatures also known as humans. Determined to educate them, he set of on a quest of right and wrong, of domination and more domination.

edit Creation

The details to SUPERcommunist Pennywise the Krazy Klown's creation are unknown. It is generally agreed that he was most likely created created for the amusement of a greater being i.e. God. All that is certain is that he rode magically into this universe in slow-motion on a unicorn. After sitting down at the soon to be famous McDonalds to grab a Big Mac, he realised a greater meaning in life and set out to fulfill his destiny.

edit Destiny(Total Domination and Control of Earth)

If the title didn't give it away, he sent out to hand out ballons to little kidss in a small town, isloted town, the kind that can easily be put into a horror movie with crazy people wielding chainsaws. Luckily there were no chainsaws. He slowly built up his status and received many letters from fans. He then understood that the time had come and then he moved away to a counry we now call Russia. Then called the U.S.S.R., he took over and changed his name numerous times to make it seem as though he was human. Threatining the country that gave him hart burn, he made plenty of nuclear bombs and invented communism. Through these measures he took over our minds and had utter world domination. He brain-washed us and(even you reading this are slowly becoming drowsy reading this...VERY DROWSY!) erased our minds and memory of the 50 years he made us labour underground.
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--SUPERcommunist Pennywise the Krazy Klown 23:24, December 8, 2010 (UTC)

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