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Steven Odhner
Rein of Terror: 1979 – Present
Henchmen: Brainwashed Office Drones
Doomsday Weapon: Global Psychic Bitchslap Device
Date of birth: June 22nd, 1979
Place of birth: Unknown
Bride / Concubine: Married. Wife's identity unknown.
League Affilliation: None

edit Origin

Although born on the east coast, Steven was shipped to a secret government facility in Arizona as a child. He stay there was brief, and since then he has been living in the state capitol. Like all humans raised in Phoenix, Steven is pale and squishy due to years of hiding indoors and avoiding the searing heat of the sun. Until 1994 it would appear that Steven was a slightly below-average human, but on March 12th, 1994 a detective trying to locate the elusive Bigfoot-Ninja hybrid rumored to be lurking in the area discovered that since the moment of his birth Steven had been sending his mind out in his sleep to brainwash and manipulate the unwashed masses. No one seems to know where this ability came from, or why he was in the custody of the government.

edit Rise to Power

Steven's rise to power has been gradual, slowly driving all around him insane or turning them into mindless zombies. This may also be how he managed to find a wife; surely no woman in her right mind would marry this beast. In April of 2003, Steven acquired a job in a cube farm to take advantage of the pre-brainwashed cube dwellers. If his plan works, he will take over every office building in the country.

edit Major Feats of Villainy

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