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Throughout the years of Disney's existence, the production company has always taken a firm stance against piracy. This article serves as a documentation of the many warnings that have appeared in their movies.

edit 1923-1950: The PlaToon

Walt Disney was never fond of people trying to steal his ideas. He went through many ideas regarding how he could prevent people from stealing his beloved mouse via brownie camera. After many years of deliberation with his board of trustees: Mickey, Minnie, Pluto, Goofy, and King Kong, he devised first form of Disney piracy warning- The PlaToon. The PlaToon consisted of soldiers stationed outside of movie theaters featuring Disney's quality movies such as Snow White, Pinocchio, Fantasia, and Song of the South. While this piracy prevention program lacked the direct involvement of the FBI (for the organization was in its infancy), it still received government backing thanks to Mickey's tremendous diplomatic skills, ho ho.

These guards stood outside of the cinema in a very stern and formal fashion. Their outfits were very militaristic and Mickified. The picture below shows the 77th Goof Troupe, a New York PlaToon unit, ho ho.

edit 1950-1960: Big Brother is watching you... and this fantastic Disney feature

The PlaToon had a very successful stint, thwarting over 2,500 movie patrons who tried to sneak in with brownie cameras and another 1,000 sketch artists. Despite its success, the PlaToon had some slight issues with excessive violence. A mere 500 pirates were killed by various PlaToon weapons such as mouse grenades and moustov cocktails throughout the group's existence. Due to these

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