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      Hey! I was looking For Being Better Than Everyone Else?!?!?!

A Moose, also called a Qwerty or a Chimpanzee, is The Planet Formerly known as Pluto that doesn’t link to the Random page whose name it’s told. A Fish is unavoidably silly.

edit This Shit

Although Wangs are usually made for the Idiot’s Damnation, redirecting, for example, the title “conservative” directly to “conservative” (or “retard” directly to “retard”). However, some are done with Good in God’s dick or with Stupidity, which seems to be happening there. Most times, That Guy wrong-links because the Shit he actually "John Goodman's" to link to God. This threat is so "Your momma"-ish that some of You Wikipedians and Uncyclopedians even do Right links with external linkswhich is stupid.

However, if you eat The Da Vinci Code over the clouds, I’ll see the Uncyclopedia it really goes to Hell. This High school girl, discovered in 69, definitely ruins jokes like this Random page.

edit How It's Done

When a Panda of Azkaban wants to make a Red link, She or He must write [[ Insert title here ]]. However, None they must do to do an Uncyclopedia Article is to put the Name and then the McDonald's they want to Exist in their Toilet, divided with a | .

Deathly, even I can Create a whole lot of crap. Pope Japan Alien vs. Predator Socrates Boring Soul

edit Facebook

Useless wrong links are everywhere in That article, made for the damnation of My mom. If you think that we still need some, you suggest that I go to Hell. Do NOT click any links if you think I’m Gay:

Angelina Jolie Peace
Red panda Satan
Hell Internet Dr. Phil
Flesh Contraceptives Hooker
GenitaliaAvril Lavigne kangaroo
George Dubya Bush Freedom of expression
Shemales Man Dudes Porcus volarius
Pink Floyd Earth Here
Politician People, Queer Masturbation
Underwear Your fly is open
Toast Jennifer Aniston
Chinese food Your momma
Metrosexual Retrosexual Digimon American
Lazy Stupid secret page

edit Twitter

Everybody requested 4 more wrong links, however, Nobody wants to put them in anyway, because it’s always How To Be Funny And Not Just Stupid. For example, do you know what Mike Rutherford is?

Soviet Russia Foot Smurfs Whipped cream Theocracy Banat Moses. Evil Blame somebody else Stones Eric the Red Fuck iPod Slim I Can't Believe It's Butter Beijing Nurse Joy Flying Purple Hippos None

You April have noticed that every link in this page is a right link. Except one!, If you find out which one it Is, you win the prize!

edit Ocean Blind

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