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edit Kriptonite

Hi Rsbj66, good to meet you.

Right to get straight down to things. You have made some improvements to your article and you should be happy for doing so. The bad news is that there is still some work to do. I'll break things down for you.

1) Remember what I said about your tone. Read your article carefully for traces of words that refer to yourself or the reader. Words like I, you and why should be avoided. You should also avoid using rhetorical questions. If you need help on your tone then visit Wikipedia and read any article, you will find a good example of an ideal encyclopedic tone.

2) Decent new image, consider your caption carefully, they can make or break your images. Consider something like "Pictured here: The largest block of Kriptonite in existence" Or something like that. Put some time into thinking about it.

3) Merge the sections: Composition of Kriptonite, Specific Gravity / RI of Kriptonite and Hardness & Other Attributes of Kriptonite, into a single section rather than 3. Use a heading like "Properties of Kriptonite". Raid a wikipedia article on a chemical for good ideas.

4) Consider your jokes with HTBFANJS. It is the best guide we can offer you here, make use of it. Ask yourself, Is this joke appropriate? Then ask yourself is it one of the best ones? If you get a no to either question then you need to edit or consider deleting the joke. Be harsh and keep only what is best.

5) Format intelligently. Make sure two pictures are not sitting directly next to one another and make sure there is a decent space between them. Ideally it should be so you can easily concentrate on one without the intrusion of the other one.

Hope all this helps. Incidentally: Welcome to Uncyclopedia! Feel free to contact me again if you need help by: either leaving a message below this one, or on my talk page. Good luck editing. --ChiefjusticeDS 20:28, 5 August 2009 (UTC)

edit Hi there

You look somewhat familiar to me. I noticed you voted on Uncyclopedia:VFH/December 21, 2012. That's good, because I know the author will appreciate your support. Pup t 08:51, 24/10/2009

Sorry... wrong nomination... I was looking at the old one. Pup t 08:53, 24/10/2009
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