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Burning dark flame in December is a black magic powered by the dark devil dragon of ancient legend.

DarkDragon 01

The dark devil dragon of ancient legend

The dark devil dragon of ancient legend

It is a horrifying dragon living in the dark devildom. Its lifetime is said to be 5,000 years, 50,000 years or besides.It is living in outlying region of the dark devildom, and killing everybody who approaches its nest mercilessly. Even the archfiend of the dark devildom watches and doesn't approach its nest. Its intense dark flame has dark energy, and burns up all existing things. Although there is a record that this dragon was invocated to this world in the literature of ancient Mesopotamia, it's unclear for details.

How to use the magic

The ceremony of evocation is held by the person dressed in black, using the magic square written in Latin. The demonic existence is summoned by magic words. Using the great dark devil dragon's power, someone smokes a cigarette for the first time in his life at December night when he has noticed his big daddy is disliked in his company.


Q:It is possible to burn up all the world by this magic, isn't it?

A:It only helps to light a cigarette.

Other usage


Painful December night

Using the great dark devil dragon's power, smoke a cigarette

  • at painful night when you were disappointed in love...
  • at painful night when you have noticed your younger brother lost his cherry earlier than you...
  • at painful night when there was no surprise party you expected on your birthday...
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