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Uncyclopedian Uncyclopedian of the Year 2012



Playwright of the Month badge

Þis vser is æ Playwright of þe Monþ

And sœ was decœrated wiþ þe œld school VnScripts template.

Winner in September 2011


Romartus's current passport photo.

Notes for New Arrivals (Noobs)


How VFH really works.

If I see an article I like, I will leave an encouraging comment. My best advice for noobs is to sit tight and don't get depressed if your first effort doesn't receive universal praise. Also, see if there are other articles on the site that are in need of rewriting (there will be a tag) , a clean bit of editing or just a general move from incoherence to a status where it is readable and makes enough sense. Above all, stay calm and talk to other people here in the same way you would in real life. If you really want to go and have a rant, there are other places where that attitude is positively welcomed. And if you get a ban, serve your time and then come back and see what it was all about. Remember, admins tend to treat all new comers to this site as potential vandals so it is best to create the best impression to avoid that label. And if you do muck up unintentionally and get a ban, create an account on illogicpedia and serve your time doing something useful there.


Big Hands For the Little Guy.

If your writing muse pops out for a coffee and doesn't come back straight away, I suggest all writers to look around and offer ideas/suggestions to other people who are scribbling away on their computers. From my experience, another voice thrown in can make all the difference and produce a classic...or a dud.

See also this link - which is applicable here too.


  1. Articles I Can Remember Working On


Finished-Featured Works

Finished Reworks

Providing Additional Material

At least articles where my additions were welcomed and made it to the 'final cut'. All featured.

Articles I have come across in need of urgent work

  • William Shakespeare. Major surgery applied. Still not right but an improvement (check the history).
  • Alfred Kinsey Improvements and new illustrations supplied.
  • Spartacus Just remembered I had forgot all about this one.
  • Hannibal. Another one I just remembered.
  • Roman Empire Looks like a mess of disconnected ideas. One to work on sometime.

In My Head

See User:Romartus/ideas


  • Also over there sometimes under the same user name as here. So if I am strangely quiet or under a ban for bad formatting, see me over there.

Useful Shortcuts


  • Navelism. Excessive references to this website in articles. Also Bellybuttonery.
  • Navelism by Proxy. Excessively promoting the supposed merits of another site via this website.
  • Navelist. Contributor who drops in site mentions for no good reason.
  • Navalist. Contributor who wants to write only about sea-related issues.
  • Filial Pietist. A Contributor who batters others into voting submission to get his or her article featured. See Filial Piety.
  • Valley of the Trolls. A website where all standard values of behavior are reversed in the name of 'Lulz'. Also Troll Island.
  • Truth Jesuit. A contributor who imagines other people care about what he/she says in a forum or when voting.
  • Achilles in the Tent. Contributor who withdraws from active participation but is still around, popping up now and again.
  • Thespianonics. Drama addicts.

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