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On a different note, some ideas,


Romartus takes extreme measures to defend his voting on the VFH nominations page.

  • Alexander Graham Ringtone.
  • Nazi History Channel Programme Guide
  • Japanese Suicide Karaoke Attack At Pearl Harbor Night Club
  • Shakira's Law.
  • Council of Python (1969):The Split Between British and American Humour/Humor and it's consequences for the History of Laughing
  • Why Archaeopteryx got bullied as school.
  • Gresham's Law About Bad Jokes Driving Out Good Ones.
  • Christoper Wren's First Lego Model on the rebuilding of Saint Paul's.
  • The Great Fart of London.
  • Ernest Hemingway was afraid of cats.
  • Sex Lives of Popes Through the Ages.
  • Anglo-German Relations Since Queen Victoria.
  • The War of Jenkins' Other Bits
  • Signing of the Anglo-French Double Entendre.
  • Operation Barbarella.There is already a pic on the wikia by another user but not developed as an idea.
  • Tolstory 3. The Great Russian writer's War and Peace as a Pixar Cartoon.
  • Who had the longest paintbrush in the Renaissance?
  • Who knows what truth is?
  • Who Am I ?(Slight Refrain)
  • The Deaf Parrots Society.
  • The Diet of Worms and Other Lame Jokes from History
  • Why Men Don't Matter but Rabbits do. (hmm sounds more like an Illogic piece).
  • The Oedipus Complex (Awaiting tenants. Cheap rents available). Olympic Heights, Hades Basement Apartments.
  • Convertible cars for Christians (Preach while you drive).
  • Ugh! The Musical
  • The Octopus Complex and the Electrolux Complex (first versions for ?Pedia).
  • Courageous Retaliation:Vin Diesel with rubber tipped bullets in new film bunker buster.
  • Courageous Restraint (UK Title of the above)
  • Rogers and Frankenstein:Country and Western singer Kenny Rogers and his brief musical collaboration with Doctor Frankenstein
  • The Gospel According to Peter,Paul and Mary (with music by Bob Dylan).
  • Turning the news into game shows. (Rollover Israel-Palestinian Conflict, Al-Quaida Suicide Lottery)
  • Madonna,Marxism and the Materialist Dialectic

edit UnBooks Ideas

  • James Joyce's historical biography of Ulysses.S.Grant condensed into one day.
  • Flann O'Brien. The Fourth Policeman
  • Ruins are ruining the world.

edit Other Ideas

  • CSI:Who Killed Cock Robin?
  • History Channel Programming Meeting
  • Michelangelo:Lust for Marble
  • Freud and the Western
  • St.Paul and the Apostles
  • Stalinism in the early church
  • Counterfictionals
  • Satnav Sally and the Road to Hell
  • The Untold Story how eating carrots helped the RAF beat the Luftwaffe
  • Connections. How the Vietnam War links to Casino Capitalism. How a Danish tramp steamer started the Battle of Jutland.
  • Confusionism
  • Post Apocalypse Pat

edit One Liners

  • Prussian Blue Movies
  • Jackarse (Brit remake)
  • I will leave my body to Hollywood
  • Ceremonial Defrocking in the Vatican
  • Atheism,Agnosticism and Apatheticism
  • St.Peter. The Last Jewish Pope.
  • The Lost Nude Scenes of Hollywood.

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