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Saint Paul gets the message from On High

St.Paul was born in Tarsus, Asia Minor as the bearded end of a pair of identical twins known as Minnie Soter and Saul Soter in about 1 AD. He was born originally Saul of Tarsus and earned his living stitching tents for Roman Boy Scout holidays up in the Taurus mountains. Years later, St.Paul would still impress friends by squeezing into his scout uniform and ordering the stoning of anyone else who took the piss.

edit Saul (not Paul)

edit Becomes a Pharisee

edit Or Doesn't

edit Gets upset with Stephen after a night out in Jerusalem

edit Stoning and chasing Christians

edit Conversion on the Road to Ohio

edit Now becomes a Christian and Wants it all

edit Calls Peter a fraud and denounces Jesus's family as 'pathetic'

edit Goes on holiday. Writes long postcards that are mistook for letters

edit Gets bored with writing letters. Prefers mixing it and getting stoned

edit Tells Peter God told him that Kosher is all crap now

edit Break with Judiasm

edit Sent to Rome

edit Executed

edit Ignored.Why?

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