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If you have a dream like Martin Luther King Jr. Not a dream that all people should be free, but the dream to take a shit in the mouth of someone you love dearly, then read on. Broatching the topic of taking a slimey shit in a loved ones mouth can be a touchy subject and needs to be handled with great care and consideration. You may not believe it because you make Forrest Gump look like Einstien, but most people recoil at the thought of having one take a dump in their mouths. Be it your wife, your mother, your grandma, or your children, no-one is likely to want to chew on your turds. We've outlined some scenerario's involving that special someone, and how to coerse them into gulping your diarreaha.

  1. 1: Ease it into the conversation.

Wife: Good morning honey, how are you today?

You: Fine my darling. Would you like to eat the corn out of my shit?

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