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The proceeding was written by a fellow named Enterore

The year was like 2, and god was like really fuckin horny. He was just kinda gettin into Aisan chicks, and he happened to see a defenseless woman named Squinty-Eyes McTightVag. He proceeds to rape the shit out of her, and accidentally tear the condom, allowing his giant frog sperms to impregnate Squinty-Eyes McTightVag. Nine months later, Fungo Chu Chu was born. He grew up a lot like Christ, however, his first death came sooner than Jesus'. And when I say sooner, I mean Squinty-Eyes McTightVag accidentally killed him with in his first 2 seconds of life. The giant frog sperm created an extremely large infant. SquintyEyes McTightVag had to push so hard that when Fungo Chu Chu Christ launched out, he flew eleven feet and straight into a knife that happened to be sticking in a wall. Unfortunatly Fungo did not have the resurrection ability that his brother Jesus had, so he never came back to life.

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