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Sans eyes

Watching, always watching

edit About me:

A splash of dash,
A rash of smash,
A sprinkling of pure genius,

A love of life,
A dove in strife,
Bewildered thoughts most heinous.

A crime in time,
A dime of grime,
An engineer in weakness,

A knight of sight,
A sprite of plight,
A future facing bleakness.

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The greatest UnNews reporter since Mordillo

edit My articles:

edit News

UnNews:Warney goes gaga
UnNews:Prolific UnNewser gains prestigious award
UnNews:Testing for Alcoholism
UnNews:Jordan fucks fans off
UnNews:Once a Blue always a blue red
UnNews:"Plagiarists make my life living hell" says Mozart girl
UnNews:Suicide now legal in the UK says MP
UnNews:Pope unveils latest love list
UnNews:Ponting dismisses 'flour' jibe
UnNews:Phil Taylor applies for 'Satan' job

edit Others

Spinks Challenge
Reviewing Poetry

edit Favourite others:

The largest number


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