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edit The Arsenal of Roger

Roger has an arsenal to be reckoned with. The list of weapons goes from trivial matters to worst case senario.

edit The Arsenal

edit Kittens

The ultimate street drug. FoMoinFo, see Kittens. Should put them out in no time

edit White Hole

The exact opposite of a black hole, it is a piece of antimatter so dense that not even light can penetrate its gravitational field. Your opponent will be blown away. Easily neutralizable with a black hole. Try to think of it as YoUr UnIvErSe AsPlOdE, rather than a black hole's YoUr UnIvErSe ImPlOdE.

edit Black Hole

This object is a piece of matter so dense that not even light can escape its gravitational field. Your opponent is Phyukked. It can easily be neutralized, however, by a white hole.

YoUr UnIvErSe ImPlOdE, NoT A SpLoDe.

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