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edit The Incident

The "Uncyclopedia Vandalism Incident" occurred on Friday, March 3, 2006. Two administrators of the Uncyclopedia wiki, "Codeine" and "Bradaphraser", severely vandalized the WN Wiki by defacing of hundreds of articles with vile "goatse" porn. The damage was so extensive that a database rollback was deemed necessary. Fortunately, due to diligent planning and preparations, very little time was spent and almost no content was lost.

edit The Investigation

A subsequent investigation of the incident was launched soon afterward. The perpetrators might have gone unidentified had not one of them spilled the beans by bragging about it on IRC and posting the IRC logs on a web site.

Here are logs posted (since deleted):

From (See also the screenshot).

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  #572  Up?  +3  Down?  [Report]  2006-03-06 01:12 GMT
  [12:44] Codeine: Brad: Party time at the White Supremacist Wiki
  [12:45] Bradaphraser: heh
  [12:45] Bradaphraser: THAT sounds like a fun place to go Vandalize...
  [12:45] Codeine: No shit
  [12:45] Codeine:
  [12:46] Codeine: oh noes! Someone already did!
  [12:46] Bradaphraser: LOL
  [12:46] Codeine: but if you're up for it, do some more
  [12:46] Tompkins: DONT CLICK ANY LINKS!
  [12:46] Codeine: the more edits each page has, the harder for them to revert
  [12:47] Bradaphraser: holy crap
  [12:51] Tompkins: brad: did you really click on a link?
  [12:52] Bradaphraser: I wanted to see what Code 9 had done
  [12:53] Bradaphraser: and now I see
  [12:53] Bradaphraser: damned curiousity
  [12:53] Tompkins: oh
  [12:53] Tompkins: ok
  [12:53] Tompkins: well don't click on any links in the site.
  [12:53] Bradaphraser: Yeah
  [12:53] Bradaphraser: I figured that out
  [12:53] Tompkins: cuz I did, and it was bad
  [12:54] Bradaphraser: yeah
  [12:54] Bradaphraser: me too
  [12:54] Bradaphraser: it is pretty damned bad
  [12:55] Bradaphraser: I hadn't seen the real Goatse picture before, though
  [12:55] Bradaphraser: so at least I'm now corrupted for life
  [12:57] Tompkins: damn Lugitm and his viruses
  [12:57] Bradaphraser: it'll be hilarious once I get it off my compy
  Notes: The highlights of "Curious Brad," in movie theatres now.  The moral of the story is: DO NOT CLICK ANY LINKS! - Bradaphraser

[1] (See also the screenshot).

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  #582  Up?  +2  Down?  [Report]  2006-03-06 14:33 GMT
  [23:31] Villahj_Ideeut: -March 3rd 2006-
  [23:31] Villahj_Ideeut: I have disabled registering new accounts due to a troll vandalizing hundreds of articles with gay porn.
  [23:31] Villahj_Ideeut: hahahahaha have to love Codeine
  [23:31] Bradaphraser: yeah
  [23:31] Bradaphraser: God loves Codeine, now
  [23:31] H: god loves sex
  [23:31] Bradaphraser: I told him he's the Angel of Vengence
  [23:32] Bradaphraser: yes
  [23:32] Bradaphraser: gay porn, specifically
  [23:32] H: yea eww what a gay
  [23:32] Bradaphraser: because that's the root of what I'd just said
  [23:32] Bradaphraser: man, what the Hell is wrong with me?
  Notes: talking about how Codeine nuked the White Supremecist site.  -Bradaphraser

edit Possible Criminal Charges

The WN Wiki takes attacks on its legal rights and free speech seriously. Therefore at the current time, the WN Wiki is continuing the investigation and it is also contemplating legal consultation for the purpose of exploring the option of pressing charges against the perpetrators. Although one appears to reside in the UK, the other appears to reside in the United States. There are several lawyers who are regular posters on the VNN Forum who might be willing to assist the WN Wiki in this matter.

edit The Perpetrators

  • "Codeine" . A sysop on Uncyclopedia and probable ringleader of the vandals.
  • "Bradaphraser" Uncyclopedia contributor who encouraged and bragged about the vandalism.
  • "lugiatm". Presumed handle of an accomplice. Attempted to infect WN Wiki contributors' computers with viruses.
  • "butcherreview". Presumed handle of another accomplice.
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