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This page documents the amazing, incredible, eventful, and somehow irrelevant life of the 5th Duke of Sealand, protector of freedom (alleged) and guardian of The Holy Bucket.

This article is a waste o' bandwidth. I just thought I'd tell you. It is as long as a book..

edit Early Life

As a hatchling, the great mighty Robstew was crowned as the next Duke of Sealand. This was directly before but not during the strangely unexpected death of the 4th Duke of Sealand, who had spent most of his years in office defending "The Holy Bucket" from those who might harm it. This artifact requires no further description other than the fact that it is holy. And a bucket. A bucket that is holy. The newly hatched Robstew would have to rise up to carry on his predecessor's role.

edit The Great Disastrous Tragedy that was and is The great Bucket Conspiracy

Fully developed and mature as a valiant figure, Robstew was gracefully keeping watch over The Holy Bucket. While this was happening, a random admin appeared and deleted his bucket from him. This caused great outrage and confusion among the sealand people, and Robstew vowed to get his revenge.


'Robstew, the great almighty one'

edit Resolution of the Tragedy thingy mentioned in the upper regions

As a temporary fix to solve the Holy bucket problem, Robstew casually walked into wal-mart, and bought a bucket. Part of the now declassified project: Operation Photo bucket, the Bucket was photoshopped, and Robstew posed voluntarily with an involuntary handyman for a propaganda picture.

edit But In Reality, I'm Just a Kid Poor Young Adult, and Life is a Nightmare

242 Day This user has returned from Hell and is now here to eat your brains.

(Most of the time)



edit Contributions

Mercifully, they are small in numbers. However I intend on writing more. Check out some works in progress (and they're all works in progress) below:

User:Robstew/Subaru2 MAJOR work in progress. Please feel free to make some constructive criticism on my talk page. I'll do my best to heed thou holy guidance.

User:Robstew/C-130 Just started work on this. What I said above applies to this article as well.

Home-made Almost done with this one.

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