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edit About this person

You don't actually want to know about me, but you really do because you clicked on this link right here. I'm just a noob, and you know what that means - Real serious stuff.

edit Other things I want to know from a noob

You really can't understand what I'm saying don't you?

edit Why I am on this page?

To look at some fine lines from a noob. Look below.

edit Other illegal stuff?

This user has been documented to have a history of searching excessive pr0n on illegal websites.

edit Articles that I made

Spoon- This is the first article that I made. That makes me a n01b now, if that even exists.

edit What's in my thinking area?


User:Rj2399/Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

User:Rj2399/Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

edit Pictures

These are practically all the pictures I used for my first article. Spoiler Warning!

Spioler Alert!

Spoiled Brat!

Reed Atricle First B4ore Reeding!

Could Cause Probable Spoiling of Reading Spoon (Nobody fucking cares)

Clik Here Now!

Clik Again!

You so sexy! Search now!. Really. Swear. Kill Myslef If Not. Lier Go To Pants Burning Place. (This is fucking damn right!)

Search Spoon Now!

Or Click On This Link!

Maybe I'm Was Wronged?


Here they are In Descending Order!!!

MrT Mr. T says:
"This image is in Public Domain.
Use it for whatever you want, foo'!"

Hey diddle diddle
Fat Person with a Spoon
Bent Spoon
Totally Copywronged
Eating Ice Cream
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