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If you are here, maybe you fancy knowing the definition of portmanteau, or maybe you have a fucked up lousy computer that lags all the time and you suddenly clicked on this link. Firstly, this is an article about knowing what a portmanteau is all about. Do you actually know what it is? It's not about other things that you might be interested in.

If you think that you want to read this, ask yourself, "Do I want to read this?" If your subconscious gives a negative response, ask it again with a little more spice, "Do I want to read this, spice?" If you failed again, add a little bit of reasoning, "This only happens once in my life you know, just like getting myself a girlfriend or masturbation."

Now that your subconscious agrees to read this, continue to keep reading to understand the complexity of a portmanteau.

edit What the Hell is a Portmanteau anyway?

A portmanteau (plural portmanteau group) is basically two or more words mysteriously conjoined into a conglomerate, thus its definition, letter composition, and noise quality is altered. After this, it is added into a dictionary. It will be known as an "entry".

If you don't understand portmanteau, here is another simple explanation. But if you do understand it, you may resume doing your daily life hobbies such as checking your e-mail, watching television, teaching young babies how to walk, searching for Winnie the Pooh porn fan fiction, dancing, picking your nose in public and other things that damned children do today.

A portmanteau is similar with an addictive, bland, home-brewed, cup of coffee. When making coffee, there are many components that could be added, like coffee itself. Adding something more exotic to the coffee, like hot water, will give it a whole new meaning. Just like a portmanteau. Simply put, a portmanteau is like your making your daily cup of coffee.

If you still don't get it, there is more information waiting for you to read. Look at the visual aid below.


A characteristic of a portmanteau is its letters are merged and a few of them are removed.

edit Identifying, Portmanteau Group

Identifying portmanteau group is easy. Get your dictionary,(If you don't have one, make one yourself! Do I have to do all the work around here?) and flip it to your heart's content. Feel the breeze flowing into your face and smell the scent of old paper. Then randomly stop. But do not stop at the back page. Find a word. If you found a word "randomly", that's good. If you chose your word, repeat the damn process once again.

So since I'm with you on this, I also got my dictionary, I flipped it thoroughly, and my random word is "aardvark". So once you have a random word, decide if it's a portmanteau. If it is, simply "dissect" it.

If you found a word like polygon, it may go like this.


Aardvark is like this.


  • Note that the beginning letter of the words have been capitalized

edit A few examples of Portmanteau Group

Since you acquired the knowledge about portmanteau group, a set of examples entirely in pictures is prepared for you.

edit Making your own Portmanteau!

Now that you know the pleasures of a portmanteau, why not make your own? For a special retail price of $39.96, you can create your homemade portmanteau! That' s right! Homemade! What's better? Just add $5 and you get a free delivery! What are you waiting for? Buy your Portmanteau Group Creation Kit today!

Benefits of buying Portmanteau Group Creation Kit:

  • It's fun!
  • It's user-friendly!
  • It can increase your IQ a lot!
  • It has multiplayer support available!
  • It's an exciting pastime!
  • It's for everybody, no matter what your age is!
  • It's reusable!

Warning! Choking hazard, for ages 6 and above!

edit See Also

Did you know...
That "portmanteau" is actually a compound of four words and "compound" is a portmanteau of computer and a Quarter-Pounder patty?
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