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“Rizco is great!... Almost as great as me!”
~ Mr. T on Rizco's greatness
“No...he sucks balls!”
~ Some random chav on Rizco's greatness
“In Soviet Russia, balls suck YOU!”
~ Russian reversal on Sucking male sexual organs
~ Rizco on Drugs...literally on drugs!

Death is the worst thing the world can throw at you. If you learn to accept it, then nothing can stand in your way...


Hi I'm Rizco

Me south park

Me, South park style, image that I made.

Go to UN:AAN for adoption

Random Stuff and Junk



  • Mr T is God, sukha!
  • My favourite colours are Blue and Black
  • I like funny. Funny is good
  • I hate chavs. Ewwww chavs

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