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This page is about the aquatically-inclined cat species that is commonly found living in rivers. For the cat family, see Felidae. For other uses, see Cat (disambiguation) and Cats (disambiguation).

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River cat
Scientific classification
Kingdom Animalia
Phylum Chordata
Class Mammalia
Order Carnivora
Family Felidae
Genus Felis
Species F. rivercatus

The river cat (also spelled rivercat or river-cat) is a small, usually furry, and imaginary mammal. The river cat's native habitat is West Sacramento, California, although small colonies have been successfully domesticated. The record of 25 domesticated river cats is held by Oakland A's general manager Billy Beane.

edit Nomenclature

Classification based on human interaction
Population Food source Shelter Socialized
Pet Fed by guardian Ballpark Yes
Feral IKEA meatballs, river water Weeds, probably? No

edit Physiology

River cats have grotesquely flexible necks. Generally, the genus Felis have excellent memories. However, river cats are unable to remember events as recently as 15 months ago.[1][2]

While comfortable in and around their native low-altitude habitat, river cats are known to lack endurance at higher elevations in late summer.[1][2]

River cats generally have short hair, though some have been seen with dreadlocks. A common misconception among fuddy-duddies is that river cat dreadlocks are due to laziness, and can result in drug use.[3]

edit Sociability

While river cats are easily followed by cat fanciers, they generally refuse to follow back.[4]

edit References

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