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Asherah (אשרה) is a Goddess and a Planet. It orbits a star called DX Cancri. DX Cancri is a cool red dwarf star that is less than 9% of the mass of our Sun. This star is far too faint to be seen with the naked eye, even though it is the 18th closest star system to the Sun at a distance of 11.82 light years, and is the closest star in the constellation Cancer.

edit Asherah the Goddess

Asherah is the Israeli Goddess of the Luau. She was born as Asherah Yam, Our Lady of the Sea (later celebrated in Catholic church names, much to Her chagrin). She spent her formative years horsing around with her bestest of friends, Rohmaya, which she played dress up and Barbie with. One fine day, bored out of Her skull, She decided to incarnate as the Virgin Mary, where upon She gave birth to Jesus H. Christ (okay, somebody answering to the name of "Jesus", at least under the instructions of Mel Brooks). Upon the conclusion of said incarnation, She resumed being bored out of Her skull. So She decided to don a hippie skirt and go aboot (or about) roaming the countryside and causing trees to spontaneously grow. She is still friendly with Rohmaya and also with Hawaiian Goddess Pele, which is why Asherah is Goddess of the Luau. This is also why Israel has a lake named Hula Lake.

edit Asherah the Planet

Asherah is only one of the planets in DX Cancri capable of supporting life, and it is occupied by two sapient species: the Dolphins and the Nudniks. Dolphins are known to live in the seas, while Nudniks live on land. Both have developed cities and advanced technologies, although the two species often get into wars with one another. Fortunately, only two have ever turned nucular, and fallout only trashes one of the six continents (the one named Carni).

The six continents are:

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