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A depiction of Richard before the artist was eviscerated.

"God and satan are my two best fans."

~ Richard Indhand on groupies

"Richand Indhand? I love that guy!"

~ Wesley Snipes in Demolition man on Richard Indhand

"I wannna be like Richard when I grow up."

~ You on not quite yet hitting puberty

edit Birth

Known as one of the best people in the world, Richard "Dick" Indhand, was born December 26, 1689. Instead of choosing, like every one else, to be born as a combination of your daddy's sperm and your momma's eggs, Richard chose to spontaneously combust through the eruption of Mt. St. Helen.

While growing up Richard was fed a steady diet of steak, Pantera, Metallica, virgins, and beer. This led to an incredible sense of manliness, which aided young Richard in dominating everyone and everything.


Im afeared of Mr. Richard.

edit As a young adult

Instead of listening to Green Day and playing with himself like the Egyptian people of today, Richard chose to hone his skills with a guitar, his penis, and most importantly everything manly. Richards skills grew quickly and he was soon voted president of Egypt, where he systematically had sex with every woman there seven to twelve times a day. This may seem excessive but richards sexual appetite couldnt be quenched. This led to the invasion of troy to acquire the beautiful Helen.


The broncos praying to richard even though they know he despises them.

edit As a man

little has changed from being a young man, except for the full beard used to intimidate the world. Richard has released such literary works as

  • Richard Indhand:I am Man
  • I Richard
  • The 300(Richards)
  • I am Richard
  • Green eggs and abortion
  • A Richards life

edit Notable quotes

"Genetically, I got the short straw."

~ You on sucking hard

"I can't believe its not Richard"

~ You on butter

"Richard once killed a man. Without doing anything."

~ Chuck Norris on richard being his hero

"I hear your pretty gangster. Im pretty gangster myself."

~ Some cracker white boy before his death

edit Legal Disclaimer

Note- Richard takes no responsibility for his writings, views, and/or actions. Those that feel wronged in the said categorys should not take any thing serious written by Richard for given reasons.

  • a. Richard doesnt care
  • b. You suck anyway
  • c. If you feel you have been singled out in any way, contact the nearest suicide hotline. Im sure they will make you feel better.
  • d. richard does what he wants
  • Thank you and have a nice day
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