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 Legend (ßeta Version) HP: 0/500 MSP: 750/750
Welcome to the Legend ßeta Version!

> Look

You are in a small bedroom. There is a desk in front of you with a small leaflet on it. There is a door leading out of the room.
> Take leaflet

Taken. You read the leaflet. It reads:

Welcome to the ßeta version of Legend! The game is currently under mass development.

edit Features

  • Improved interface! No more annoying "Moves" or "Score" stats! Instead, you have your current and maximum HP and MSP up there!
  • Visit the lands of Zork, Zork 2, Zork 3, AAAAAAA! and Abyss!
  • Improved multiplayer!
  • Infocom returns to help your mentally retarded self get through the game with Invisiclues!
  • New moves, weapons, spells and enemies!
  • Tough bosses that will own you good!

> Open door

Sorry, this is the ßeta Version. You will be unable to open this door until the release of Legend Final Version.
> Commit suicide


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