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edit UnBiography

Monkey cam
Planet xp

This 3d model, designed by the author based on some 50's auto show.

A underemployed web designer, and having read way too many National Lampoons during forminatave years, has been seeking forums, such as this, where he can, in sheer disregard for proper grammar, use way too many commas, run-on sentences, and marginally copyright-violating images, in a quest to gain more hits than the several dozen free Geocities and Tripod/Lycos pages that crash Internet Explorer with the sheer weight of the ads that pummel the average viewer. Oh, and to share a few humorous interpretations of reality that my therapist says will keep me from killing again.

The first sentence of this article contains 9 commas and 2 dashes. Feel free to cringe  at the poor grammar.

edit Artwork


This image is subject to several violations of DMCA and possibly the Patriot Act, and certainly of good taste. From Marvin the Martian

Several bytes and compressed and resized graphics found on the internets later, this user's content contributions are limited to typing the things that run around in his brain, and artwork such as:

Ape pod for Evolution

Obey zim

May cause seizures of power.

edit Hoping to not gain the ire of the Admins, already gaining pity, it seems

"What kind of pie do you prefer?" -Revised for content

Having worked at places where typos and other such muckery would lead to beatings or do-overs, I have an uncontrollable urge to fix errors that are not part of the author's joke. I hope. Not too proud to avoid making errors myself. Those responsible have been sacked. Oh wait, that's me.

Pie sliceYou've Got Pie! 
A delicious slice of cherry pie 
for correcting my brain fart in the February 29 debacle.
This space and the rest of the pie reserved for future foulups.

edit So what's the deal with the name Revised for content ?

Seemed appropriate to me. Not trying to be a pseudo-Admin, if that's what you're thinking. Just a lowly contributor and humoristician.

== Do you have any idea what you're doing? ==

Not enough Munchkins in this picture. Will be fixed soon.

No. Other than a Wiki entry on Squirrel Baffles, I'm new at this thing.

edit What are your goals?

Other than World Domination, sharing humor with the world and quietly mocking other's mistakes by revising their spelling of 'potato' and adding artwork where appropriate. I also have two nets on each end of the field. In between, is the intra-net. (rimshot) <-This joke has been voted corny by the international guild of internet jokes.

edit Did you read the help page? I didn't, and look what it got me!

edit More Things (that make the page take forever to load)


Revised for content. May cause dizziness and should not be operated under heavy machinery.


The author of this article may be suffering from lack of oxygen.

This may be due to intoxication, distraction, or lack of air.
Symptoms include: disoriented rambling, lack of a clear joke,
or excessive usage of the phrase I can't breathe!

If you feel confident you are breathing,
you may try to fix this article.
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