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Reke is a rather elusive muffin, due to his fears of being eaten.

edit You have found Reke, the Talking Muffin

Yes, there is a picture of him, over there.

edit So Who is Reke, the Talking Muffin?

Reke the Talking Muffin is an average muffin. Chocolate tasting and in an edible paper cup, Reke has learnt to talk over the years due to being the direct descendant from the Muffin Man and a blueberry cupcake. This has enabled Reke to develop abnormal limbs, eyes, and a mouth. The fact that Reke's appendages can support his own body weight has been cited as conclusive proof for the existence of at least three deities. This alone has made scientists, vivisectionists and many small children very keen to capture Reke. It is very unfortunate for Reke that the majority of these are small children who will stop at nothing to get at Reke's flesh and eat it by hand.

edit That doesn't sound so bad.

It would be if you were a one year old muffin who was about to be devoured by a baby, who, just for the fun of it, plays with you by taking chunks of your head off and making a gory castle out of it. Fortunately, Reke is able to conceal himself through use of disguise and espionage.

edit Why Must I find Reke?

Reke will tell you if you find him. If you find him, he will give you cake. Cake for you.

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