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Peenamunde is a secret rocket assembly facility established during the Reign of the Rat deep underneath Tomorrowland to help maintain Disneyland’s military supremacy over its neighbors. First prototyped by Von Braun in Nazi Germany, it was initially managed by Wernher von Braun himself, and then later Admiral Donald Duck. It is now supervised by mad scientist and jazz musician Neil Armstrong.

Slave labor has played a key part in rocket production at the plant. In its formative years, hundreds died toiling at the facility every day. Presently, thanks to the Slave Labor Reform Act passed by the Great Council after the democratic reforms of the Fantasyland Spring, that number is down to the low teens—mostly convicts who had violated Disneyland’s strict anti-littering laws.

Initially work at the plant consisted of production of early rocket weapons, such as the V2 Rocket. Presently, weapons work continues at the plant with the production of Space Shuttle Solid Rocket Bombs (SRBs)—large strap-on boosters designed to kill the crew swiftly and efficiently midair in a firework display that can be seen for miles.

Neil Armstrong declined to comment on the subject of ongoing activities at Peenamunde; however, his spokesman did issue the following statement: “HA HA HAAA HAAAA!!!! Laugh At Me, Will They?!?? I'll show them!!! The stupid encyclopedias”

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