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For a comprehensive guide to formatting see User:The dark prince/format

First off, read UN:SIG for the basic gist of sigs. Read it? Cool. You'll need a subpage, like User:Example/sig, that's where you'll keep your sig.

edit Simple formatting

<span style="font-family:'(desired font)'">      will change the font
<span style="color:(desired color)">             will change the font color




are easy ways to change the size.


Remember to end what you start. If you use "<small>" remember to end it with "</small>", after whatever you want to be small. The same goes for <span> or <div> tags. If your timestamp appears in a box or on a separate line from your sig, it usually means you forgot to use an "end" tag somewhere.

edit Colored Links

To color a link (to make it different from the basic blue link) put the following code in the brackets:

[[User:Example|<span style="color:(desired color)">Example]]

edit Stealing Sigs

The easiest way of going about all this sig business is by stealing the code off someone else's sig and messing with it until you get something different. This is alright, just make it different enough to be unrecognizable.

edit Tiny Images

That's easy. It's just like adding a normal image, just add the size:


edit Making it official

When you're satisfied with your sig, save the page, then go to your preferences. In a box labeled signature input {{Subst:Nosubst|User:Example/sig}}, just remember to replace User:Example with your username. Also remember to check the "raw signature" box.

edit Timestamps

If you did the above correctly, you should be able to add four tildes (~~~~), and when you press show preview or save changes, the system will automatically change the four tildes into your sig with a timestamp, so there's no need to type it yourself. Its that simple! Now go out there and so the world your shiny new sig!

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