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Reefus is perhaps the most famous philosopher-poet-politician the world has ever seen, he has million of followers all over the universe his largest fan club located at alpha centauri


Ancient wall painting of Reefus siting in his throne

Born in 3500 BC in Ancient Babylon by a poor family, his father worked as a construction worker in the Babylon Tower, by the age of 10 he could already speak 15 languages and had already completed many works on the Cosmos and Astrology/Astronomy.

At the age of 15 he discovered The meaning of Life but hasnt told anyone since. The babylonians quiclky came to admire him and his work and so he was elevated at deity status by 3467 BC,he was the patron saint of Drug Dealers and his avatar was held in his temple ,located in South Babylon, and everyday a virgin was sacrificed to his glory.

By 500 BC he had grown tired of all this and decided to move to Greece were he assumed the name Plato and started the Golden Age of Pericleus. In Greece he was worshiped under the name Zeus the sky raiser.

edit Famous Works

Among his most famous works are:

  • The code of hamurabi
  • Plato's "Symposium"
  • The Bible
  • The Curan
  • Crime and punishment
  • The Declaration of Indepedence
  • The US constitution
  • The Moon (tm)

edit Assumed Names

Being a mighty god and ruler of many nations across history his followers, subjects and believers have given him many names some of which are:

In 2006 HIS Glory decided to descent into the earth once more.

edit Imortality

Reefus is imortal. He has become imortal by a special technique involving lots of tuna cooking and many trips to alaska.

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