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Wcpm is a standardized rating mechanism for video games. It stands for "War crimes per minute".

edit Wcpm as explained by Bob

Wcpm are based on a war crime count and the duration of the game.

Kill a villager? War crime!

Nuke a city and its citizens? Increase war crime count by the number of citizens killed.

Shooting flak at paratroopers while they drop? Increase the war crime count.

Poison the enemy with diseases or nerve gas? Increase war crime count.

Plunder and raze a city that does not surrender? Increase war crime count.

Enjoy hearing the lamentations of the women? Increase war crime count.

At the end of the game, the score in wcpm equals the war crime count divided by the duration of the game in minutes.

edit Relationsship to other ratings

There is a monotone mapping of Wcpm to the ESRB rating system.

For ESRB:EC (Early Childhood), wcpm should equal zero.

For ESRB:E (Everyone), wcpm should be at least one p.m., or boredom will ensue.

For ESRB:E10+ (Everyone 10 and older), wcpm is above 3 p.m.

For ESRB:T (Teen), wcpm should be at least 10 p.m. or the game will not sell well.

For ESRB:M (Mature), wcpm should be at least 30 p.m. to prepare the maturing teen for a career in the military.

For ESRB:AO (Adults Only), wcpm should be at least 100 p.m. to keep the gamer awake at all.

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