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edit You should know me

Paris apple

Grateful someone came over to help me get the materials typed out

  • Otherwise you wouldn't have look up this page and try to remember.
  • Or perhaps we have met in the last life, you know, the toad that you failed to kiss? *brrr*
  • Google for my name 'Redhuan D. Oon' and you will quickly notice that i am wanted in 20 countries for not claiming millions of inheritance money left by fathers who stashed them in offshore accounts and their agents been hunting me via lots of spam begging me to respond.
  • Arrived here at this wondrous site - Red1 10:11, 26 December 2008 (UTC)

edit Retired in a farm barn

  • You must have guess from the ample time i could spend writing hugh volumes here
  • I never said unemployed. I said temporarily unallocatable job speciality by the employment agency...
  • Ok, my wife worked and i am a house-husband. Heh that is not easy.

edit Writing Style

Paris tied

But it ties her down

  • Sex sells, more sex sells more
  • To infuse intelligent, satirical and suggestive humour
  • To address the higher calling in the minds of readers i.e. not insulting to their intelligence
  • To insult their intelligence

edit Purpose in Wikipedia, oops, i mean This Pedia

  • To tone down over done sexist messages that are distasteful, particularly it leaves a bad taste in women, and also men.
  • To ensure better quality material that has some decent research (at least the writer should refer to wikipedia for ideas to copy creatively)
  • To repair the damage done by suicide bombers

edit Some of my best orgasm is here

Paris book

Finally she untangled and came out with the best ideas here

These are an assortment of my own contributions that i enjoyed reading myself:

edit My Last Will

  • To write something that others can get prolong gratification and stay Viagra-free. So i am scouring the Category:Rewrite articles or those that Category:Stuck articles needing a push. What Do You Think? Should i go on? My writing habit is to do it spontaneously. I mean i am bad at reviewing what i wrote. My fingers have a life on its own.
  • If you like what i write please sign below! I do need motivation, people! :-) - Red1 04:54, 28 December 2008 (UTC)
    • ('I like it because...' sign here)
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