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This user is a ghay porno admin lover who has a problem getting someone to have sex with anyone and everyone who has been in contact with this user....

This user is overly obsessed with userboxes as evidenced below....

This user loves the use of elpsysses....

This user is exasperated by all the userboxes.

Proud supplier of these fine articles:

Proud supplier of these fine additions:

Proud reviewer of these fine articles:

Proud supplier of these subpages:

  1. Ideas
  2. UnNewsInBrief
  3. Userboxes
  4. Languages
  5. Awards

Current Projects

  1. Pokemon Crystal Meth -Article that an IP address started that I believe I could actually make into a good article.
  2. Brainiac- Article that I believe has a lot of very good possibilities for satire in it.
  3. Deredlinkifying ALL of the anniversery pages.
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