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edit Pokemon Crystal Meth

In this popular Japanese children's video game involving yellow mice, old men, and lots of weed, you take on the role of Ash Crackhead, a juvenile delinquent released from juvenile jail when he turned 18. The game is played like a usual Pokemon game, the only difference is the fact that you have to sell drugs to get money to buy supplies. Another difference is that instead of Professor Elm being your mentor, in Pokemon Crystal Meth, you get mentored by Professor Druggie.

Most of the game is the same as the less popular Pokemon Crystal, but the people at Nintendo decided to add a little variety to the game and let users of the game grow their own drugs in patches of what they call 'loamy soil'. This is all done so that many players of the game can actually get their money from doing almost nothing instead of having to rape the same trainer over and over again just to get a little bit of money.

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