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Ray Bob McCobb

Raymond Robert McCobb is a Red-Blooded American journalist, banjer, and semi-amateur golfer. McCobb was born in the late 1970's (1982 to be precise), the only son of a poor Iowa Cactus Farmer. McCobb's Father, William Robert McCobb, never knew who Ray's biological Mother was and raised the boy alone.

Each year, the brutal Iowa winter would decimate the Cactus crop, and each year found the McCobb's further in debt. by 1990 Ray and his Father were on the brink of starvation. Relief came in August of that year when the Elder McCobb invented and patented what we now know as the Air Conditioner. The McCobb Family's financial peril was at an end. Ray and his Father quickly sold the generations-old cactus farm and moved to some big city where Ray Bob resides to this day.

McCobb gained notoriety during his coverage of the 1995 Nordburg Trial, in which Los Angeles Police Squad Detective Officer Nordburg was accused, and subsequently acquitted of a brutal double herbicide. Ray's slick reporting and hard-hitting interviews captivated news readers and garnered him worldwide acclaim.

Ray Bob McCobb now divides his time between municipal golf courses and very smoky rooms.

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