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Spectacular shots of a Ratzilla rampage - there were no survivors

"A dog's mouth is cleaner than a humans!" - local drunk upon seeing Ratzilla

Ratzilla is much like a rat, only bigger - he gets bigger the more randomness he finds, the only way to stop Ratzilla growing is to cut of his supply of randomness - which often results in him shrinking down into a more controllable size, although in this weakened state he is known to randomly steal your left shoe, eggs and small mammals and/or infants - usually for consumption.


a placid Ratzilla, deprived of randomness

Random Ratty Facts

  • rat rhymes with fat, sat, pat, frat but not waffle.
  • Ratzilla is not related to Godzilla.
  • Ratzilla spelt backwards is Alliztar.
  • rats are awesome, the awesomness can not be denied for once one is awesomeified one can not be unawesomeified by any means short of impalement with a spaghetti fork.
  • Ratzilla likes to chew things, this is neither random nor funny.
  • Ratzilla is also a rat - again, this is neither random nor funny.
  • these facts have become tedious and reek of spam - thus must now end.


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