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edit What the heck is this?

This project is an attempt to put together an interesting and humorous set of articles dealing with the 'impending civil war' over immigration, that some analysts actually believe to be coming. Its catalyst would be the election of a left leaning President in Mexico in 2007, who would oppose the wall, which for the purposes of this, would be approved by the senate. Mexican forces would combat the wall and border states in the Border Offensive, leading to a crackdown on security in the USA. This crackdown leads democrats to be targeted, and eventually a new front is opened up between America itself, pitting American forces against Mexicans and their Democratic allies. This is sort of like the Nike Revolution, only it will have a whole year to be disproven, whereas the Nike Revolution is already disproven as it takes place in 2006.

Sounds fun, right?

edit I need help!

If anyone is willing to lend their creativity towards this, it would be quite helpful. Even the storyline above isn’t necessarily what we must build things around.

edit People

edit Battles

This is the official page for the Mexican-American War Project.