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So, you've managed to get yourself banned from Uncyclopedia, Encyclopedia Britanica online and Encyclopedia Dramatica, but have you ever thought about how to get banned from the most evil, most tedious, most un-funny, and most downright pathetic wiki yet: Wikipedia? Nor have we, but since you're reading this article we thought we'd give you a set of instructions detailing all the methods known to man (but not necesserilly < wikipedian) on how to get yourself banned from the horribleness of Wikipedia.

The methods below are listed with the easiest at top (recommended for people with little or no experience of getting banned from wikipedia), and the most notorious at the bottom.

edit Method one: The obvious method

This method is very simple, you make obvious vandal edits. Such examples of techniques used for this method include:

  • Blanking pages (ctrl+s+a, backspace, save page, easy as pie)
  • Writing random shit into articles (i.e jgfjfgdskgfdskjfgdkaieut, or I AM THE NEW WIKIPEDIA GOD!!!!!111!!!!11!!!!11!!!!)
    • An elabortaion from random shit is to find a name or word that can be elaborated into something offensive. Take the case of the writer who vadelized Edward F. Boyd to Edward F. Boydtoucher.
  • Creating tiny random pages.


  • Very easy, my Grandma could do it (probably whilst blindfolded and wearing ear defenders)(Well actually theres no need for that; shes death, dumb and blind)
  • Will get you banned fast, possibly within minutes.
  • Sophia would be proud of you.


  • Boring and unoriginal
  • Serial Blanker may sue you.
  • Uncyclopedia may ban you for being so boring and unoriginal when vandalising wikipedia.
  • This article has epic fail spelling and grammar.
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