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Sleeping with Sirens Or SWS a band from Fucktown, USA. Formed In 2009, and molest/rapes little girls since 1995. The group is currently owned, (like a boss), by Rise Records and Their dominatrix is the CEO of Rise Records.

“ I don't care if they rape, it builds character!”
~ CEO of Rise Record

edit Band Members

Kellin Quinn - lead vocals, keyboards and rape victim

Jesse Lawson - lead guitar and backing vocals:

Gabe Barham - drums and man-whore

Jack Fowler - rhythm guitar

Justin Hills - bass guitar and bass fisher

edit Albums

Released March 22, 2010: *Album title that contradicts its self here*

Released May 09, 2011: Let's Cheer to this till' we all get drunk and past out

Released June 22 2012: If you weren't a virgin this would be you're fuck track

edit Band Member's Secrets

edit Kellin Quinn:

According to Kellin's Criminal Record, on March 21, 2009 Kellin was arrested for kidnapping 8 children. They where found chained to the floor in his basement along with one whip, one branding iron, and a medium size black jump suit. Kellin was found guilty by a jury later that month.

edit Justin Hill:

Unknown to the general population Justin Hills is believed to be the third Antichrist. In a recent inteview Justin proclaimed him self to be the "Harbinger of death." On the track "Let Love Bleed Red" Justin added secret subliminal messages. These messages are believed to be a summon for the unholy demons in the under world.

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